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Mansour’s arrival to the area in 1979 was just the beginning of his dream taking shape. Anthony “Tony” Elias Mansour was born in Jerusalem, Palestine, and emigrated to Lebanon for ten years, before settling in the United States in 1958. He attended Los Angeles City College, Woodbury College and USC, and began his real estate career by acquiring and developing small projects in Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver and southern California. In 1979, partnered with his investment group, El Dorado Hills Investors, Ltd., Mansour entered the Sacramento market by acquiring 8,000 acres of El Dorado Hills. With an eye on building a world-class, master planned golf community, Mansour assumed a leadership role in the formation of an assessment district to expand the existing water and wastewater treatment plants and provide water and wasteland transmission lines to the unimproved portions of the property and was instrumental in bringing natural gas to the area. Mansour had his Specific Plan for an exclusive, golf-oriented, planned community approved and adopted by the County of El Dorado by mid 1988. In October 1989, he negotiated the sale of the residential portions of the Plan, for a record 65 million dollars, to a group of prominent Sacramento developers and business professionals. This development, known as Serrano El Dorado, demonstrates Tony Mansour’s ability to foresee and project the prosperous future of the area. The culmination of the last 28 year of Tony Mansour’s dream has come to a pinnacle in his current development of the commercial portion of the plan, the El Dorado Hills Town Center. By 1997, Town Center was started with two gas stations, a post office and a McDonald’s. His plan revolved around a central, main shopping street, with supporting businesses on the outskirts of the shopping center; it is a gathering spot and center of a bustling town. His vision, passion, and love of European villages, complete with timeless buildings and a homey main street, brought the El Dorado Hills Town Center to life.

History: Press Release - “The Man Behind Town Center: Tony Mansour




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